Mike take’s your team through this journey of living with cancer, to achieving his cure.  This journey includes family challenges, career adversity, to the adoption of the notion of preparedness, to visualizing success as if it has already happened – through word, thought and sight. 


This journey speaks to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual transformation that Mike believes is required to put as much weight on the side of success as possible.  This weight of balance ties into Mike’s philosophy of “push and pull.” Where there are two major components to overcoming adversity with health, challenges at work or in life.

Mike’s captivating story of diagnosis, preparation and recovery inspires patients, researchers, fundraisers and medical professionals to maintain focus and strive for success…for themselves and for others. 

Mike’s focus & methodology for success evolved after accepting his diagnosis of blood cancer and rationalizing every possible way of tilting the scales of success to overcome his 2yr prognosis for life. 


Mike studied people who had a history of great successes, and he soul searched for what were the key ingredients from his past successes in life. He then went about applying these success and adopting a philosophy of preparedness and a mental state of believing he had already achieved success.

“All I can say is WOW!!!!! Thanks you so much for speaking with our team today.  You are such an inspiration to all of us.  I have to tell you the energy around the office today is incredible.  Everybody was so impressed with your story, thank you for sharing it.” 

- Anthony Keating, CFRE  |  Campaign Director  |  The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation

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